Nissan NV and NV 200 Compact Cargo Aluminum Cabinets

Aluminum Base, Overhead and Closet Cabinets for Nissan NV and NV200 Compact Cargo Vans

Nissan NV 2 Clear
  • Packages available for 150" NV Cargo Vans and the 83" NV200 Compact Vans 
  • Base, overhead & closet options
  • Heavy duty powder coating
  • Secure latch options
  • Toolbox upgrades

At Aluminum Cabinet Company, we pride ourselves by building high quality products for hard working tradesmen. Whether you're a Locksmith, Carpenter, Painter, Service Tech, Plumber, Electrician, or Pest Controller, a properly outfitted Nissan NV Cargo will make your life easier. 

Our typical turn around is 2-4 weeks so get your order in early. All aluminum cabinets are properly secured and packaged for freight shipment around the United States. 

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